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5 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

Welcoming a new family member is an exciting time in your life, even if that family member comes with a furry coat and four paws! If you’re a renter, this time can also be full of stress, though, as you want to ensure your new puppy (or adult dog, if you adopted!) doesn’t sacrifice your security deposit. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help “puppy proof” your apartment.

Set aside a space. Find a specific area of your apartment to belong to your new puppy. Crate training is key until you’re absolutely sure you can trust your new housemate to roam free when you’re not home. Make their crate a special place that’s comfortable for them, and reward them for quiet time in it. The crate can also be useful for when you have guests over, or for when you have a maintenance request needing to be completed while you aren’t home. Those puppy paws probably won’t help the maintenance tech fix your disposal!

Prioritize potty training. It can be tough during bad weather to gather up your puppy and get him outside several times a day, but it’s an important component to keeping your apartment in top condition. Pet accidents often soak through and damage the carpet pad, which can require replacement even if you no longer see any superficial damage after cleaning it up. By making potty training a top priority, you’ll save yourself the stress of constant clean-ups in your apartment.

Hide cords and dangerous items. Puppies are curious! They probably won’t know the difference between their favorite rope toy and that tasty looking cord to your television. You’ll want to secure cables out of sight and reach of puppies. Additionally, make sure any dangerous chemicals are not in low cabinets that may be pushed open by a nosy puppy snout.

Invest in organization.You certainly won’t regret purchasing a tall trash can with a securable lid, because those leftover pizza scraps will definitely be tempting to your four-legged housemate. Additional storage items can help you keep your apartment cleaner and other items out of sight of your puppy - for example, a shoe rack can keep your favorite pair of loafers safe from gnawing puppy teeth.

Register your dog. Be sure to stop by your leasing office to let them know you have a new family member and pay any applicable fees. You’ll benefit from checking in with them prior to adopting to make sure that you follow any required breed, weight, or age restrictions. Once you have your pup, the leasing team will likely be so excited to meet him!

Dogs are a key part of so many American families, but they can be a lot to handle. Following these few steps can help make welcoming your pup home an easy and happy experience!


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