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Groundbreaking Move to PROSPER Program Succeeds

In a recent press release, researchers working on the Move to PROSPER program shared results of the pilot period, with the participating families reporting success. There were notable increases in the children’s self-confidence, behavior, and grades, while the families also generally experienced greater financial stability and fewer health complications.

Move to PROSPER “provide[s] temporary rental support and comprehensive coaching to facilitate individual and family success,” according to their steering committee. The pilot program was launched in the summer of 2018 through a joint initiative between community partners and the Ohio State University. Facilitators at Ohio State use the program to provide the support to the families while tracking how the move to certain neighborhoods affected their lives. The community partners, including residential real estate owners, provide supplemental rent vouchers at their communities.

The stats from the first four months of operation showed that 70% of enrolled families saw improvements in child behavior; 60% saw children having a higher self-image; and 50% of children earned higher grades. Jason Reece, PhD and author of the “Prosperity Report,” said, “The combination of life coaching, creating relationships for support, the right environment and healthy stable, supportive housing with rental support can be absolutely transformational in a person’s life.”

The pilot program selected ten families from over 300 applicants who met certain criteria, including being a woman-led household and having one to three children under the age of 13. These families were selected because they fell into a certain income bracket that made it difficult to ascertain housing in desirable school districts. The Move to PROSPER program also requires corresponding coaching and workshops for the mothers and families, as well as surveys and interviews to track the progress of the families.

Move to PROSPER will expand, as demand continues to increase with families who hope to be a part of the program. Communities that host these participants have found “that there has been only positive impact on our properties and company,” according to Oakwood Management Company’s President, John Wymer. Read the full press release here.

For more information on applications and the program, visit the Move to PROSPER website.


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