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9 Tips to Make Moving as Easy as Possible - Oakwood Management Blog

9 Tips to Make Moving as Easy as Possible

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Are your friends ready to make a move? Why not invite them to consider one of Oakwood's beautiful communities in Central Ohio? For a complete list of our properties, click here. Because moving can sometimes be a little stressful, we have put together 9 tips to make your moving process as hassle-free as can be. Check them out!

1. Declutter/Donate

The first step to making a move easier is getting rid of as much clutter as possible. The less you have, the quicker it is to pack and unpack! Ask yourself which of your belongings you REALLY need and don’t be afraid to throw out/donate as many things as you can. For more tips on decluttering and living minimally, check out our previous article here.

2. Find some free boxes

Moving often comes with a LOT of unexpected costs, some of which are very unnecessary! One of these is purchasing boxes and containers to pack all of your things in. Clothing and grocery stores often have plenty of free boxes you can use at no cost. The Craigslist free section will also surprise you with how many people are giving away moving boxes. In addition, your place of work may also have many boxes to use that would otherwise be going straight to the trash!

3. Eat your remaining food

Instead of packing even MORE boxes full of items, you can reduce this number by trying your best to eat up all of your food. This will definitely make for some interesting meals as you near your moving day, but now’s the time to test your creativity in the culinary department! And once you’re in your new place, you can use the saved money from eating in to eat out while you’re organizing your kitchen!

4. Pack yourself a “moving day bag”

Having a “moving day bag” can be a total lifesaver. Act as if you are going on a weekend trip and pack a bag for it. A change of clothes, toiletries, chargers and some cleaning supplies are all things that could come in handy during this transition period. Just be sure this bag doesn’t get packed up with everything else!

5. Measure your large items

There’s nothing worse than getting to a new place and realizing your existing furnishings or decorations don’t fit in your space…or even worse…through the door itself! Be sure to measure all of your larger items beforehand to ensure that they can be a part of the move. This will save you from a lot of wasted time and potential arguments.

6. Color code

A common challenge while moving is keeping all of your stuff organized. It can be incredibly difficult to find things once you get to your new apartment. One way to help with this is utilizing a color-coding system that'll let you glance at each box and immediately know which room the contents belong in. You can take these boxes directly to each room without having the extra step of opening them and moving them twice.

7. Cut handles on boxes

It can be hard to pick up a box from the bottom, especially if it's heavy. Do your back a favor–add handles to any box by using a box cutter to carve a triangle with the flat side on top and the point facing down. No trips to the chiropractor after this move!

8. Pack clothes on the hangers

Use your existing clothing storage to your advantage. Rather than removing your clothes from hangers and folding them, only to hang them back up at the new apartment, keep them on the hangers. Simply zip-tie the hangers together and cover them with a trash bag or plastic wrap. Voila–less time spent on your tedious move!

9. Take photos of wired electronics

We’ve all done it–taken something apart and forgot how to put it back together. In particular, electronics such as TVs, have a lot of wires that can be hard to remember what to do with. If you plan on removing the wires to transport them, be sure to take a photo so you know how to put them back together. You’ll thank us later!

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