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10 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Patio/Balcony - Oakwood Management Blog

10 Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Patio/Balcony

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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! From hosting Halloween parties, fun decorating contests, and handing out candy at the leasing office for Trick or Treat, our teams always get in the spooky spirit! Decorating your balcony or patio for Halloween can be a fun and creative way to get into a scary good mood! Here are 10 of our favorite balcony and patio Halloween decoration ideas to inspire you:

1. Pumpkin Patch: Round up the kids and carve scary or funny faces into pumpkins. If you want to avoid the little ones using sharp tools, try painting your pumpkins! Arrange your carved or painted pumpkins on your balcony.

2. Spider Webs: Use fake spider webs to cover your balcony railing, corners, and furniture. Add plastic spiders for an extra creepy effect. Avoid this option if you suffer from arachnophobia!

3. Glowing Lanterns: Place battery-operated lanterns or candles inside mason jars or lantern holders. You can use orange or purple lights to create an eerie atmosphere. Use command strips to keep them from falling over in the autumn weather!

4. Witch's Lair: “I put a spell on you!” Create a witch-themed balcony with a cauldron, broomstick, and a witch hat. Add a fake black cat and some spell books for extra charm.

5. Haunted House: Take some inspiration from Eddie Murphy’s 2003 movie “Haunted Mansion” and transform your balcony into a haunted house with faux cobwebs, ghost decorations, and spooky silhouettes in the windows.

6. Skeletons and Tombstones: Set up skeletons or skeleton parts in various poses on your balcony. Add tombstone props and write funny names like “Chris P. Bacon”, “Noah S. Cape”, and “Ima Goner”.

7. Black Cats and Bats: Decorate with black cat and bat cutouts or figurines. Hang them from the ceiling or arrange them on your balcony furniture. This is a great idea for your front door as well!

8. Halloween Wreath: If you love crafts, create a Halloween-themed wreath to hang on your balcony door. Use materials like fake spider webs black feathers, orange ribbon, and plastic spiders. Dollar Tree is a great, cheap place to grab supplies!

9. Cemetery Scene: Arrange miniature gravestones, skeleton hands reaching out of the ground, and flickering LED candles to create a spooky cemetery scene. This theme looks even better at night!

10. Halloween Plants: Consider potted Halloween-themed plants like black roses, purple chrysanthemums, or "bloody" red-stemmed plants. This theme is made for those with green thumbs!

If you don’t have a balcony or patio, all of these themes are great ideas for your front door as well! Remember to consider safety when decorating your balcony, especially if you use lighting, electrical appliances, or fog machines. Always follow your community balcony/patio rules, and safety guidelines, and keep decorations away from fire hazards. We hope you enjoy creating a hauntingly festive atmosphere for Halloween!

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